ABC Volleyball

ABC Volleyball is a quick and easy ESL game that can be played almost any time.


Target English: ABCs
Things You Need:balloon, tape
Age: 4 or older
English Level: low

Game Outline:
1. Place the tape on the floor to create areas for the two different teams.
2. Divide the class into two teams and have them stand on either side of the line. The teacher should stand on the line, holding up both of your hands to be the scorecard.
3. Give one student the balloon. Students must then hit the balloon back and forth over the line. As they hit the balloon, they must say the next letter of the alphabet.
4. When a team drops the balloon, the other team gets a point. Show this on your hand.
5. Play starts over again.
6. When one team gets to five points, they win. Teams switch sides and can play again.


  • Use numbers instead of the ABCs.
  • You can also try using a category such as colors or foods.

Hope you and your kids have fun with this game.

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