Chopsticks Race

The Chopsticks Race is a fast-paced ESL game for the kids. It’s easy to play and they have a lot of fun with it. If you can use chopsticks yourself, you’ll get extra props from the kids when you demonstrate how to play the game.


Target English: any
Things You Need:chopsticks, flash cards (Preferably, you should have two sets of the same words and they should be small and not slippery so that they can be easily picked up and held with chopsticks.)
Age: 6 or older
English Level: low-high

Game Outline:
1. Divide the students into two teams and line them up behind the start line. Give the first student in each line a pair of chopsticks.
2. At the other end of the room, place the flash cards in two piles opposite the teams. Place them face down.
3. When teacher says GO, students must run to the cards, pick up one with the chopsticks and run back to their team. Then they say the vocabulary word or use it in the target English phrase. If the student drops the card, they must pick it up with the chopsticks again.
4. Student hands the chopsticks to the next student who runs to the cards.
5. Repeat until there are no cards left.


  • Make it easier by only requiring the students to say what’s on the card. Make it harder by requiring them to use the word in a sentence.
  • Have the students ask a question of their teammate. For example, if you are using food vocabulary, the student must ask “Do you like bananas?” and the other student must reply “Yes I do.” or “No I don’t.” before they can go.

Hope you and your kids have fun with this game.

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