Colors Game

A quick and easy game that works well as a warm up and when the kids start getting antsy from sitting too much.


Target English: colors
Things You Need:nothing
Age: 4 or older
English Level: low

Game Outline:
1. Hold out your arms and have students gather around and touch one of your arms.
2. Call out any color.
3. Students must run around the room trying to touch that color.
4. Chase after them. If they are young enough, you can pretend you are going to tickle them. If a student is touching the color, though, he or she is “safe”.
5. Have students come back to the center of the room and touch your arms again. Repeat as long as you want.
6. When you’re ready to end the game, call out an odd color that the children probably don’t know, like “magenta” or “beige”. It’s fun to see their confusion and they like to learn a new “fancy” word.


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