Flying Tiger Game

I called this one the Flying Tiger Game because the day I first thought about writing it down, I used a stuffed tiger for the game. You can use a bean bag or any other type of stuffed animal.


Target English: anything
Things You Need: flash cards, small stuffed animal (or anything that will safely land without rolling).
Age: 4 or older
English Level: any

Game Outline:
1. Spread the flash cards around the floor.
2. Show students how to toss the animal onto the floor, aiming for a card. Demonstrate how you would then say the word on the card.
3. Students take turns tossing the animal and saying the words.
4. Occasionally, the cards are placed in a way that the students seem to keep hitting the same few cards. If this is happening, try moving the cards around a bit.


  • You can vary the English by requiring kids to say the word or use the word in a sentence. This makes it easy to adjust the game for different levels.


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