Pass the Face Game


This game can work well as part of a regular lesson plan or during those times when you finish early and need a quick game.

Target English: Body parts

Things You Need: Blank paper, pencils or crayons

Age: 4+

English Level: Any

Game Outline:

  1. Give each student a piece of paper and a pencil or crayon.
  2. Tell the students to draw a part of the face. Usually, you start with the head, but it’s also funny to start with something else.
  3. Wait for each child to finish.
  4. Have students pass the paper to the peon on their right.
  5. Tell the students to draw a different body part.
  6. Continue to pass the papers around until you have a whole face. If there’s extra time, draw other parts of the body.


  • The face doesn’t have to be traditional. Kids love it when you tell them to draw five eyes or three noses.
  • Use the same idea to have kids draw other types of pictures, like a house with a tree or a beach scene. This allows you to practice other types of vocabulary.

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