Snake Game


This is a great game to play when you need something quick or when you have extra time and don’t have anything else prepared. Using just flash cards, it works well with any number of students.


Target English: any vocabulary
Things You Need:flash cards
Age: 4 or older
English Level: low-high

Game Outline:
1. Lay the cards out on the floor in a “snake” shape. You need a decent amount of space between each card because students will have to stand next to the cards. It’s best to have half of them facing one direction and half facing the other.
2. Divide the class into two teams and have them line up at either end of the snake.
3. When you say “go” the first student from each team has to stand next to the card and say the word. He then moves to the next card.
4. Eventually, the two students will meet in the middle. At this point, they must play “Rock Paper Scissors”. The loser has to go back to the end of his team’s line.
5. The student who won can then start proceeding along the snake. From the other end, the second student in line starts moving down the line.
6. When these students meet, they play “Rock Paper Scissors” and the game continues in this fashion.
7. A team wins if it can get to the last card in the snake (the first card for the other team). While it sounds like the game could be over quickly, it’s surprising how long it can go on. One team will be almost at the end and then lose “Rock Paper Scissors”.


  • Have older students say the word in a sentence.
  • Pay attention as they go through the vocabulary words. Give kids a reminder when they need it.


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