Sumo Game

The Sumo Game is a great game to play with active students. I have to admit that I cannot remember where I first learned about this game, but it’s so fun to play with the kids and they really enjoy it.

Be careful though. This game can easily get out of control…


Target English: any vocabulary
Things You Need:flash cards, clothespins (or some other type of clip)
Age: 4 or older
English Level: low-high

Game Outline:
1. Choose two students to start with. Try to make sure that they are evenly matched, both in physical ability and English knowledge.
2. Use a clothespin to attach a vocabulary card to one of the students’ back. Don’t let the other student see this card.
Also make sure that the other students in the class don’t get so excited that they shout out what that word is.
3. Attach a vocabulary card to the second students back.
4. Students meet in the middle of the play area and face off as though they are sumo wrestlers.
5. When teacher says GO, they must try to see what the card on the other student’s back is. Hands cannot be used.
You may need to make a rule that students must keep their hands behind their back for this.
6. When a student sees the other’s card, they must shout out the vocabulary word.
7. Change students until everyone has had a turn.


  • You can have a tournament where the winner must face off against the next student.

Hope you and your kids have fun with this game.

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