ABC Lesson Plan

ABCs and Phonics Review
This ABC lesson plan proved to be a great hit with my classes. It was the first one that I used where the entire lesson was focused on just one subject and I was surprised by how well they responded to it. It should be used as a review of ABCs and first letter phonics, not to introduce the concept. I created this as a 40 minute lesson plan, but it could be increased in time by using an additional game, or if you find yourself with just a few extra minutes, then check out the quick and easy ESL activities.

ABC Lesson Plan

1. Write ABCs.(10 min) As students come in, have paper and pencils ready for them. Tell them that they have 5 minutes to write down the ABCs, both upper and lower case (This is actually plently of time for students to write the ABCs, but putting a time limit on it makes them feel like it’s a challenge and gets them to focus. As students finish, review their writing and correct any mistakes.
2. Review common mistakes.(3 min) You’ll probably notice a few common mistakes as you correct the papers. Take some time to review this on the white board. For example, in my class all students made mistakes with the sizing of lower case letters. We reviewed these together so that no one student felt put out because they made a mistake.
3. Review lower case letters.(5 min) Lower case letters often pose more of a problem than upper case letters, so for the rest of this class, I use lower case flash cards. Review the letters and the sounds that they make.
4. Say It First Game.(7 min) Choose two students and show them a flash card. Whoever says it first gets to keep the card. Then pair up another two students and have them battle. Repeat until the cards are gone. Try to make sure that each student wins a few cards. After the cards are gone, students can count the cards to see who has the most. Then, collect them from the students in alphabetical order.
5. Play The Circle Game.(15 min) Set up and play The Circle Game. Simply place flash cards around in a circle and have each student pick a place. You play rock paper scissors with them. If they win, they get to go forward two spaces. If they lose, they can only go forward one space. (Since it’s a circle, there’s no real end or beginning, but no one has caught on to this yet.) Have students say the name of the letter and a word that begins with that letter.

This plan works for a lesson that’s about 40 minutes. If you need more game ideas, check out the games page and just tweak those games to fit in with the ABC theme.


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